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Terms of Membership and Payment Agreement

We understand that circumstances can change just email us 30 days prior so we can update your account.

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We value your loyalty and want to reward you for staying with us

 Don't miss out on the rewards and perks that come with being a valued member of our program!

Thank you for being a loyal member of our program.

Let's keep your membership rewards journey going strong!

To Pause is only $25 monthly with online training access.

Terms of Membership and Payment Agreement

  • Before attending classes, tuition are to be made payable via Credit Card, Check, or Cash.

  • Tuition payments are due monthly, with no exceptions (unless paid quarterly, semi-annual or annual)

  • A late fee of $35 will be charged after 5 days of the due date.

  • Students with payments past due will be asked not to participate until payment is made.

  • All payments and fees prepaid or otherwise are non-refundable.

  • Must give a 30-day written notice for all membership changes.

  • Monthly fees are subject to change at any time with a 30-day notice to our patrons.

  • Make-ups are encouraged! Make-ups can be completed appropriately before or after the class is missed. No Tuition will be credited, prorated, or refunded due to days/weeks missed for illness, vacation, or other obligations.

  • Change Membership: For scheduled breaks 3 weeks or longer click the link to change membership status. Click to Change  Membership

  • Cancel of Membership: You must give a 30-day notice for cancelation of membership or you will be charged a $100 cancelation Fee... Click for the Cancelation Form

A minimum 3-month commitment is highly recommended for the success of any of our programs.

By making a booking and/or payment, you agree to all terms of service and Membership.

Revised 7/7/23

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