Two Dragons Martial Arts Black Belt Family

Meet our Studio Instructors & Coaches

Sipoo Shelene Hearring, CEO  of Two Dragons Martial Arts. Owner with over 30 years of training in Martial Arts. She has attained the level of “Master”  in the art of Chuan Shu. She has devoted her life to one of service.  In Business 18 years in Pasadena and 9 years in Altadena.  Located at 2490 N. Lake Ave. , Altadena CA. 91001.


Two Dragons Martial Arts instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively. In addition to Instructor’s Training, our instructors receive ongoing, weekly training both in martial arts and teaching. We do this to ensure that the quality of instruction that you receive is the best that you can find anywhere. So whether you’re looking to get started with lessons for you or your child, Two Dragons Martial Arts are waiting for you.


2490 N. Lake Ave. 

Altadena, Ca 91001


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