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Special Thanks to our Awesome TDMA Community!

Halloween Youth Fright Night!


Little Dragons Costume Contest!

Tons of Thanks to our parents

And a special Thanks to the people the Awesome TDMA Halloween team.

Halloween Youth Fright Night!

Security Mr. Joe Mr. Lee Mr. Hugo {in studio safety} Mr. Eades Mr. Casey Mr. Rob

Check-in table Ava Music Rocky

Set Up / Pre Set up Team Mr. Hugo Vanessa Eades* Bobby Afterschool Leaders* Rad Roc Scare Team

Clean up / Servers Rad N Roc Leo’s Family* Scare Team Mr. Rob* Did not leave till all was done! Outstanding!

Scare Teams Sarah / Savannah (Hostess) Carlina } Guide for the haunted house. Mr. Hugo {Riley's Dad} Master of Scare* Bobby {Build the Maze}* Riley Rad {Scare crew leader}* Rocky Adrian Lanei Alyssa Anyiah Kahlil Micah

Food Donation Pizza 19 lg Arden {Leo’s Mom} Rob {Leo’s Dad} Vanessa

Drinks Joe Mrs. Hiro

Ice Frank Rad Tina {Phoebe & Perry’s Mom}* Ice run!

Candy/ Treats Riley Eades Family (funbags and goodies)* Campbell Family { Simon’s Family} Lee Family Smookler

Gift cards Casey Family Gonzales Family

Little Dragons Costume Party

Games Riley Kahlil Carlina

Judges Ava Riley Adariaha

Treats Mangandi Family Wong Family Karakachian Family Altman Family

Gift cards Waters {Luke’s Dad} Carrie {Molly’s Mom}

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