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About Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons Martial Arts program is fun. We have a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving listening, motor skills, confidence, and enthusiasm for pre-school age children 3 to 6 years old.


The 8 major skill sets include:

*Memory  *Balance  *Coordination *Focus

*Teamwork *Self-Control *Fitness *Respect



$169 Silver Monthly Membership includes: $100 Registration not included

  • 2 Group Classes Per Wk (in-person or Zoom)
  • Martial Arts Fundamentals & Principals


$110 Martial Arts Bronze (monthly) $100 Registration not included

  • 1 GRP Classe Per Week/In-Person
  • Martial Arts Fundamentals & Principals


Weelky Schedule Class Schedule 

Monday 4:00- 4:30 pm  

Tuesday 4:00 -4:30 pm

Saturday 10:00 -10:30 am



Little Dragon Martial Arts

PriceFrom $110.00
Price Options
Silver Membership
$169.00every month until canceled
Bronze Membership
$110.00every month until canceled
  • Step #2  $100 Registration


    Step #3Complete the registration form using the link below.