* Improve your physical condition     * Release tension     
* Lengthen & tone muscles       * Decrease fatigue
* Develop Endurance          *Rejuvenate body & mind

This price is for current Two Dragons Students and family members only. 

Yoga Stretch 6 Week Session (Member)

  • Guided by: Sipoo Teri Hicks

    Teri is a martial artist of more than 30 years and yoga practitioner since 1997.  A fourth degree black belt and certified yoga instructor Teri uses her life experiences obtained through the practice of these arts to safely guide students to their present potential.

    Teri is honored for the opportunity to share what she has learned from amazing teachers, astonishing students and life.  She believes that we are all teachers and we are all students as we navigate this miraculous journey of life!


    Bring your yoga gear


     just bring yourself!

2490 N. Lake Ave. 

Altadena, Ca 91001


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