New Enrollment  = $100 (included)

2 days per week group class = 169.00  per month hereafter

· Martial Arts Techniques

· Life Skills

· 1st Uniform

· Belt card

· TDMA T-Shirt


Bronze Martial Arts Program

    • No students are allowed on mat space without permission
    • Bottles, cans, paper, and trash must be disposed of in the appropriate receptacles provided.
    • All equipment must be properly put back in its place after use.
    • Properly cleaned Gi and equipment are required for class participation.
    • Members must have respect for the trainers, instructors and other members. Membership may be revoked for disrespectful behavior.
    • For Health safety no outside shoes on the mat.
    • All hands must be sanitized to use any shared equipment, refrigerator, rest rooms, and etc. 
    • Parents are not allowed to communicate or distract their child without permission from instructor, coach, or Two Dragons Staff.
    • No posting of personal advertising or other literature is allowed without permission of management.
    • Adjustments to the television, stereo, heater, fans or other equipment may be made by a staff member only.
    • If a younger sibling is waiting please insure their safety behind the safety line of the mat during a class.
    • Tuitions are to be made payable via Credit Card, Check, or Cash, prior to attending classes.
    • Tuition payments are due monthly, no exceptions (unless paid quarterly, semi-annual or annual)
    • A late fee of $35 will be charged after 5 days of the due date.
    • Students with payments past due will be asked not to participate until payment is made.
    • Must give a 30-day notice for cancellations all of our Martial Arts programs.
    • All payments and fees prepaid or otherwise are non-refundable.
    • Monthly fees are subject to change at any time with a 30-day notice to our patrons.
    • Cancellation before 30 days will be charged a $100 cancellation Fee.
    • Make-ups are encouraged! Make-ups can be completed at the appropriate time before or after the class is missed. No Tuition will be credited, prorated or refunded due to days/weeks missed for illness, vacation or other obligations.

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Altadena, Ca 91001


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